“No movement is owned by any culture, only rediscovered.” –Isadora Duncan

Dance and movement have always been at the forefront of Kamini’s life.  As a youth she took ballet and tap classes and during her school years she excelled at basketball, track and field and softball, earning district, regional and statewide honors.  But during that time, she always felt as if something was missing and longed to join the girls on the dance line!  After graduating from college Kamini moved to Oregon and decided to bring dance back into her life.  She signed up for a “belly dance” class through the community college and ten years later, her dance evolution continues.

After dabbling in a few Cabaret classes, she stumbled upon an American Tribal Style Bellydance class and was immediately drawn to the structure and group nature of the dance.  A few years later she began performing and in 2005, co-founded the multi-award winning Tribal Fusion troupe, The Bijou Project.

After a decade of performing improvisational American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion, Kamini has branched out into solo performances and collaborations with dancers performing a variety of Middle Eastern dance styles.

When she dances, Kamini strives to convey the essence of  the music and emotion through movement.  Whether expressing a particular emotion evoked by the music, a story, technique, or humor, she hopes her performance will leave you with a feeling of having experienced something timeless and uniquely special.

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