New Video Uploaded to YouTube

Just spent the last day cutting and uploading video from the Florence Bellydance Guild’s Spring Celebration and the Balloons Over Bend festival to YouTube so that I could share them here.

Samara and I were honored to be invited to teach and perform at the Florence Bellydance Guild’s Spring Celebration.  Aside from the fact that we get to meet other dancers and perform for new audiences, I can never resist a trip to the Oregon Coast.  The Oregon Coast is so ruggedly beautiful and almost never crowded, especially in April!  It was well worth the trip.  I saw good friends like Sakari, Mezdulene and her ladies from Mystical Oasis Dance Company, and Susan from Alter Egos, watched beautiful and spunky performances, (especially Maia Alexandra’s performance as she closed the show–whew!) and scored some serious kitchen bakeware and clothing at local thrift stores!  Did I mention that I love thrifting almost as much as dancing?  I’ve posted footage from the show above.
Next up for the Bijou Project was the Balloons Over Bend Festival.  We danced with Samara’s troupe, the Wild Iris Tribe and had a lovely time walking around the festival, which happened to coincide with the 2010 Beard and Mustache World Championship.  There was some major facial hair spotted that day!  See below for clips from the performance and let me know what you think!


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