Thinking About Retreat

Kamini the Bellydancer

Kamini by Brian Bulemore/abacus photography

This week has been a busy one in my little belly dance world.  Yesterday I finished a photo shoot with Brian of Abacus Photography.  It was my first shoot in a couple of years and we had a good time trying out different urban and natural settings close to Bend.  It was also my first photo shoot outside and I must say, I loved it!

Brian was a pleasure to work with and he posted a few teaser images today.  I can hardly believe those are photos of me!  He took some great shots so I thought I’d include the teaser photos here.  If you like what you see, hire him!  He does fine art, portrait, wedding, commercial and event photography.


Check out the bling! Photo by Brian Bulemore/Abacus Photography

Now that the photo shoot has wrapped up, I’ve been thinking about some down time.  You know, the time we all need to relax, unwind, and get inspired again?  Usually I head to the woods or the mountains for some R&R.  That’s in the works, but in my belly dance world, nothing beats retreat!

Each year Mezedulene hosts a women’s only bellydance retreat in Southern Oregon and for the past two years, I’ve made the five hour drive to teach and perform with my dance sister, Samara, as the other half of the award winning duet, The Bijou Project.

Each year retreat grows on me.  The first year, I


Sam & I with Mezedulene at my first Retreat

was nervous about spending time with so many other women I’d never met before.  (Did I mention that I can be shy?)  Last year, I knew what to expect and I could relax into it a little more.  This year, I feel like a seasoned pro and I’m looking forward to performing as a soloist (although I’ll miss my Sam!), visiting with friends, relaxing in the woods, sharing food, laughter and chocolate, watching a delicious buffet of performances every evening, and being inspired by new workshops.   If this sounds like fun, you can find more information here.

Next on my belly dance calendar is a performance at Joolz, the Middle Eastern Restuarant in downtown Bend.  I’ll be performing with the lovely and talented Sitris on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 6:30 pm.  It’s a small restaurant, so reservations are recommended.  Tell them you’re coming to watch the belly dancers!  541.388.5094


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