Sink or Swim?

The last couple of weeks have been stressful.  Between college mid-terms, deadlines at work, preparing for the Belly Dancer USA competition and  upcoming gigs at Saqra’s Showcase, the HDBG Spring Gala, Blush, etc. , there were times when I felt like I couldn’t even breath.  (Doesn’t everyone feel like this sometimes?) But the load has lifted somewhat and summer approaches!  5 more weeks until school lets out and my dance competition is over.  But what a five weeks it is!  The question is, will I sink or swim?

In retrospective, here are a couple of videos from of couple of performances over the past two weekends.  The first is from the High Desert Belly Dance Guild Spring Gala featuring Samantha Riggs and Portico.  Sam and her daughter taught two great workshops on Bhangra and Bollywood dance.  There has always been something about the dances of India and Indian culture that inspires me.  I love the color, the mythology, the history, the art–all of it!  So learning some new Hasta Mudras and poses to infuse into my dance was a treat!

The previous weekend I went up to perform with my most favorite-tist dance co-conspiritor, Mz. Samara from the Bijou Project.   Saqra’s is always a great way to kick off the “belly dance season.”  It’s great to see friends again after a long, isolated winter on the snowy side of the mountains.  Sam and I have performances at Bellydance Uncorked at Vino Vixens in PDX on May 28th, a performance on Friday, July 8th, at the Oregon Country Fair–on the Gypsy Stage!

In between, there is lots of solo stuff to prepare for, but I’ll save that post for another day (tomorrow, maybe?).  In the meantime, here is my solo from Saqra’s Showcase.  I ♥ belly dance!


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