Step out of your comfort zone and discover the magic of belly dance.

For me, discovering belly dance was a wonderful thing.  It was a form of movement that spoke directly to me.  I couldn’t get enough and ten years later, here I am.  I Circlesmention this because over the years LOTS of women have told me that they wanted to try belly dance classes.  Are you one of them?

Have you ever considered taking a belly dance class, but weren’t sure what classes were offered in central Oregon or what style to take or what type of teacher you would like?  Lucky you!  The High Desert Bellydance Guild is offering their yearly Middle Eastern Dance Workshop Sampler on March 4th at Gotta Dance, featuring mini-workshops by many local teachers.  Good stuff!  For $10 you can try out 7 or 8 different teachers and styles of belly dance, all in 3 hours.  Really, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Workshop Flyer


About Karyn

I am a massage therapist in lovely, Bend, Oregon, as well as a Tribal Fusion belly dance performer and instructor who has traveled the west coast performing and teaching workshops as part of the award winning duet, The Bijou Project.
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One Response to Step out of your comfort zone and discover the magic of belly dance.

  1. taaj007 says:

    I love the idea that magic happens outside of your comfort zone. I wish you had talked more about that.

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