The Belly Dance USA Competition

I’m still gathering my wits about me after and amazing weekend of belly dancing at Mezdulene’s Belly Dancer USA competition in Canyonville, Oregon.  It was my first solo competition, having won the Duet category back in 2009 with Samara as The Bijou Project.

I have so many thoughts to share about this weekend that Samara and I are considering writing an article for Jareeda magazine about the challenges and rewards of competition, especially in an area outside of your comfort zone (that’s were the magic happens, right?).  Below you can see my solo performance from the competition on Sunday night.

It was an amazing event and I met several new dance friends and reconnected with many, many others I only see a few times each year.  Congratulations to the new Ms. Belly Dance USA, Cassondra Rose, and all the other participants and winners in each category.  I look forward to seeing you again next year!

P.S.  The Bijou Project was honored to bring home the 3rd place trophy in a very competitive Duet category.

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