The start of Alia’s 90 day dance challenge

So I’ve been feeling a little lost in regards to what to work on next (and consistently) with my dance practice.  There are so many things I want to do, it’s been hard to pick one or two and focus, especially because some of these are LONG term projects, such as improving my zilling.  But Sahara, my awesome coach, sent this out today and it struck a cord with me: Committing to  20 minutes of improvisational dance each day for 90 days.  I can do that.  Plus, being the overachiever that I am, I’ll pick one layering thing to practice each week for an extra 10 minutes and practice zill patterns while dancing.  Each week I’ll post my plan here and report back at the end of the week.  Words of encouragement are always appreciated.  😉  So the plan for the next week is 20 minutes of improv with zills, and hip lifts/drops QT, HT and full time with chest squares and circles layered over them.  I hope you are feeling inspired in your dance.  Happy dancing!

Nagamani performs at Jamballah Northwest 2012.  Photo: Phoebus-Foto

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