Dance Collaborations

These are some of the dancers and musicians I have been privileged enough to work with recently.

Dancers and troupes:
The Bijou Project– The Bijou Project is an award winning duet founded in 2005 by co-directors, Kamini and Samara in Bend, Oregon.  Their 20+ years of combined dance and teaching experience has culminated in the creation of their own unique style of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Nagamani is an uber-talented, modern bellydance trio based in Portland, Oregon.  Check out this video of Nagamani from the Amber Charms show in Hood River, Oregon featuring Mira Betz.

Kamilia Tribal Bellydance is a Tribal Fusion duet featuring dancers Kamini and Leia. Kamilia performed regularly at Joolz restaurant in Bend from 2010-2011.

Ritim Egzotik
The Nomads
Imzadi Tribal Drums

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