Dance Collaborations

These are some of the dancers and musicians I have been privileged enough to work with recently.

Dancers and troupes:
The Bijou Project– The Bijou Project is an award winning duet founded in 2005 by co-directors, Kamini and Samara in Bend, Oregon.  Their 20+ years of combined dance and teaching experience has culminated in the creation of their own unique style of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Dejeba– A creation of Sahara’s Dream founder, Lisa Smith, Dejeba took first place in the Troupe category at La Danse Oriental in 2015.  They are known for their crisp execution of challenging and innovative choreographies.

The Darjeeling Dance Collective Eight women, under the direction of Ruby Beh, formed The Darjeeling Dance Collective in March of 2013. During that year, Ruby guided the dancers to cultivate their knowledge, focus their creativity, and hone their technical skills. The culmination of the year’s work was showcased in a Middle Eastern dance show called “No Limits! A Transformative Year of Belly Dance.”

Nagamani is an uber-talented, modern bellydance trio based in Portland, Oregon.  Check out this video of Nagamani from the Amber Charms show in Hood River, Oregon featuring Mira Betz.

Kamilia Tribal Bellydance is a Tribal Fusion duet featuring dancers Kamini and Leia. Kamilia performed regularly at Joolz restaurant in Bend from 2010-2011.

Ritim Egzotik
The Nomads
Imzadi Tribal Drums


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