Tribal Fusion Classes Start February 5th at Bend Circus Center


Fluid arms, shimmying hips and a slow, sensuous undulations are only a few of the captivating movements that make belly dance one of the most hypnotic and enduring art forms in the world.  Learn to love your body and express yourself through movement while discovering the ancient, yet modern art form of belly dance.

Class sessions will focus on dance technique as well as developing and refining a vocabulary of belly dance movements.  Each class will include stretching, drills, and muscle specific conditioning exercises while providing plenty of opportunities to practice dancing in a fun and supportive group atmosphere.  All body types are welcomed and encouraged!

Tribal Fusion is a genre of belly dance that places heavy emphasis on personal expression. Performances can be improvised or choreographed, and performed by soloists or groups. Elements and movements from other dance styles are often incorporated and musical choices vary greatly depending on what moves the performer. In this class we will mix it up, learning isolations and footwork for solo performances, as well as developing improvisational skills and group interaction.

Are you on the fence about committing to a belly dance class?  One of the wonderful things about this dance form is that you don’t have to have years of prior dance training or a specific body type to do it.  Belly dance originated as a folk dance and women of all ages participated.  Although the dance has evolved, the inclusive nature of it has remained.   You can start taking lessons at any point in your life and continue dancing as long as you have the desire to do so!  Do you like to dance?  Then what are you waiting for?

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Kamini Bijou
Learn isolations, unique Tribal Fusion moves and improvisational dance skills in a fun and accepting group environment.
Wednesdays, February 5th-March 26th
$50 for 4 classes (1 month)
$15 drop in
6:00-7:00 PM @ Bend Circus Center, 909 SE Armour Rd., Bend, 97701

No previous belly dance experience is needed for this class. Email Kamini if you have any questions at

About Kamini:

Kamini has been a student, performer and teacher of belly dance for over a decade. She began her studies locally with Gypsy Fire, learning American Tribal Style Bellydance.  A few years later she joined forces with Samara to form a multi-award winning Tribal Fusion duet known as the Bijou Project. She also formed another creative powerhouse duet with long-time Bend dancer and teacher Leia Napoli, called Kamileia that performed regularly at Joolz from 2011-2012. After a decade of being “Tribal Fusion” Kamini began to study classic American Cabaret and Egyptian style belly dance, which she delved deeper into upon moving to Portland.  Once in the City of Roses, Kamini became a regular performer at shows and honed her skills dancing with live musicians. Now back in Bend, she is excited to be sharing her passion for this dance form with others.

Past performances include such venues as the Portland Rose Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Seattle’s Northwest Folklife, and the World Beat Festival in Salem, Oregon. Teaching credits include Reigning Down on Oregon, Mezedulene’s Annual Women’s Retreat, the Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene’s Alternative Show, the Florence Bellydance Guild’s Spring Celebration, and Sidonia Om Dunia’s Beli Danse Hafla in Boise, Idaho just to name a few.


Reigning Down On Oregon

December is passing quickly and if you are a planner like me, maybe you are thinking about what events you want to attend in 2013, which teachers you would like to study with, and where you might Reigning Down on Oregon flier.want to perform.  Having participated in Reigning Down on Oregon for the last few years, I can highly recommend the relaxing setting, quality of instruction, affordability and just all around good time to be had here!  Plus, The Bijou Project is excited to be back and teaching a Tribal Fusion workshop–our first since a little baby Bijou was born.  We are ready to get back at it with some saucy new moves!  And I’m SO excited to take from all the other workshop instructors–such amazing artists!  I hope to see you there!


The start of Alia’s 90 day dance challenge

So I’ve been feeling a little lost in regards to what to work on next (and consistently) with my dance practice.  There are so many things I want to do, it’s been hard to pick one or two and focus, especially because some of these are LONG term projects, such as improving my zilling.  But Sahara, my awesome coach, sent this out today and it struck a cord with me: Committing to  20 minutes of improvisational dance each day for 90 days.  I can do that.  Plus, being the overachiever that I am, I’ll pick one layering thing to practice each week for an extra 10 minutes and practice zill patterns while dancing.  Each week I’ll post my plan here and report back at the end of the week.  Words of encouragement are always appreciated.  😉  So the plan for the next week is 20 minutes of improv with zills, and hip lifts/drops QT, HT and full time with chest squares and circles layered over them.  I hope you are feeling inspired in your dance.  Happy dancing!

Nagamani performs at Jamballah Northwest 2012.  Photo: Phoebus-Foto